Exciting Seminars With Exceptional Individuals

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Maldives International Yacht Fair will feature seminars help you explore new horizons and expand your knowledge of boating & yachting, taught by maritime experts who are excited to share their nautical know-how. Furthermore, we will be showcasing unique seminars that venture into the Maldivian tradition and explore more about how the archipelago utilized the surrounding pristine waters efficiently.

MIYF Seminars will also present investor forums to further enhance the benefits and richness to its participants.

Panelists from the Maldivian government, local and international industry professionals and many more exciting individuals.


Seminars / Workshops for MIYF2024

Yacht Design and Innovation
  • Exploring the latest trends and innovations in yacht design
  • Discussing advancements in technology and materials used in yacht construction
  • Showcasing cutting-edge designs and concepts in the yachting industry
Sustainable Yachting Workshop
  • Addressing the importance of sustainability in the yachting industry
  • Discussing eco-friendly practices for yacht operations and maintenance
  • Showcasing sustainable materials, energy-efficient technologies, and waste management solutions for yachts
Yacht Charter and Ownership Seminar
  • Providing insights into yacht chartering and ownership opportunities
  • Exploring different types of yacht ownership models, including fractional ownership and yacht clubs
  • Discussing the benefits and considerations of owning and chartering a yacht in the Maldives
Yacht Finance and Insurance Seminar
  • Providing guidance on financing options for yacht purchases and refits
  • Discussing insurance considerations for yacht owners, including coverage options and risk management
  • Exploring yacht financing trends and opportunities in the global market
Yacht Destination and Itinerary Planning Workshop
  • Showcasing the best cruising destinations in the Maldives and nearby regions
  • Providing guidance on planning yacht itineraries and exploring hidden gems
  • Highlighting local attractions, marine parks, and luxury resorts accessible by yacht
Yacht Crew Training and Certification Workshop
  • Addressing the training and certification requirements for yacht crew members
  • Providing information on industry-recognized training programs and certifications
  • Offering practical workshops on safety procedures, guest services, and hospitality for yacht crew
Maldivian Culture Seminar
  • Introducing participants to the rich cultural heritage of the Maldives
  • Exploring traditional customs, arts, music, and cuisine of the Maldivian people
  • Showcasing the unique cultural experiences that can be enjoyed during yacht journeys in the Maldives
Yacht Investors/Maldives Tourism Investors Seminar
  • Targeting investors interested in the yachting and tourism sectors in the Maldives
  • Presenting investment opportunities in yacht infrastructure, marinas, and related services.
  • Discussing the growth potential, market analysis, and return on investment in the Maldivian yachting and tourism industries
Maldives Customs Regulations/Immigration Awareness Workshop
  • Informing yacht owners and crew about customs regulations and immigration procedures in the Maldives
  • Addressing the entry requirements, visa regulations, and necessary paperwork for yachts entering Maldivian waters
  • Discussing the process for clearing customs, duties, and taxes associated with yachts in the Maldives

Eye-Opening Workshops

Learn More About The Evergrowing Industry

Welcome to the Maldives International Yacht Fair! We are thrilled to be hosting this exciting event, bringing together participants from every element of the yachting industry. Our goal is to create dynamic platform for manufacturers, sellers, and other professionals to showcase their latest products and services, while also providing a fun and engaging experience for visitors.